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TokuDB v7.5 Read Free Replication : The Benchmark

New to TokuDB® v7.5 is a feature we’re calling “Read Free Replication” (RFR). RFR allows TokuDB replication slaves to process insert, update, and delete statements with almost no read IO. As a result, the slave can easily keep up with…

Custom firewalls for your MongoDB deployment(s)

MongoLab runs all of its hosted MongoDB deployments with authorization enabled, which means that username / password authentication is required before your database can be accessed. For lower-level network security we also allow you to configure custom firewall settings. This feature is available to all MongoLab users on Dedicated plans. Configuring custom firewalls If you […]

Product Catalog Part 2 - Product Search

This post is a follow up to my 1st post on Product Catalog Schema Design for MongoDB. Now that we have established a strong basis for our product catalog, we are ready to dive into one the most important feature: Product Search.

image This feature presents many challenges:

  • Response within milliseconds for hundreds of items
  • Faceted search on many attributes: category, brand, …
  • Efficient sorting on several attributes: price, rating
  • Pagination feature which requires deterministic ordering

Fortunately those challenges are not new, and software like Search Engines are built exactly for this purpose. In the following sections we will see how to use Search Engines with MongoDB, which one is best, ...

Build a Single Page Application with Angular, Node & Mongo – Part II

In my previous post, I explained the Angular architecture of the expense manager I made. It’s now time to take a look at the back-end: Node.js and MongoDB with Mongoose. I’m a big fan of Nodejs to build RESTful APIs. It is fast and can scale easily. As I am receiving a lot of comments saying that the […]

Announcing TokuDB v7.5: Read Free Replication

Today we released TokuDB® v7.5, the latest version of Tokutek’s storage engine for MySQL and MariaDB. I’ll be publishing two blogs next week to go into more details about our new “Read Free Replication”, but here are high level descriptions…