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Book’n’Bloom by Konstantinos Tsilfidis & Team | New in the App Gallery

Meet Konstantinos Tsilfidis & the Book'n'Bloom team in this week's developer spotlight. The app was created on OpenShift using PHP, HTML, CSS3 , Javascript, Node.js, MongoDB, Websockets (, jQuery, and AJAX. Book‘n’Bloom is a business management tool integrated into Facebook that helps small, local businesses around the world to grow further by giving them the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of Social Media.

Mongoosastic: The Power of MongoDB and Elasticsearch Together

TL;DR: Two databases can be better as one as we show how you can use Mongoosastic to user MongoDB and Elasticsearch at the same time leveraging each one’s strengths without rebuilding your code. At Compose we’re all about using the right database for the job, and sometimes that can mean using more than one database…

MongoDB University MCP Spotlight: Nestor Campos

As part of MongoDB University’s 2 Year Anniversary, we are sharing stories from our MongoDB University classes to showcase how they got started with MongoDB and where they’ve gone since graduation

This is a guest post by Nestor Campos, a software engineer and consultant from Chile who is a Certified MongoDB Developer, who will share his experience learning MongoDB through MongoDB University.

As a software engineer, I know I always need to keep my up with new technologies to stay relevant in the market.

After several years working with relational database, I found that they were not meeting the needs for all my projects, so after doing some research, I found the “non-relational&#...

MMS Release Notes : RHEL7 support for MongoDB Monitoring and MongoDB Backup

Our release this week is a tiny bit delayed, for those of you who are tracking it, due to an internal MongoDB engineering conference. There’s lots going on here at HQ, including but not limited to our upcoming release of MongoDB 2.8 .

As for the MMS release this week, we’ve been very busy:

UI & Core

  • Massive under-the-hood Javascript refactor
  • Additional API functionality (users can now add host aliases)
  • Changes to the settings page - users can now leave a group, add a group, and go to each group via their personal groups list


  • Additional instructions for command line for the automation agent. If you’ve never used the command line before, we’ve got you...

How to Find and Kill Slow Running Queries


Is there a way that I can prevent slow queries in MongoDB? I'd like to be able to set something on the server that will kill all queries running longer than a certain amount of time.


There are some options available on the client side, for example $maxTimeMS starting in 2.6 release. This gives you a way to inject an option to your queries before they get to the server that tells the server to kill this query if it takes longer than a certain amount of time. However, this does not help with any query which already got to the server without having this option added to it.

On the server side, there is no global option, because it would impact all databases and all opera...