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MMS Release Notes: Automation and MongoDB 2.8 Prep Work

Another release of MMS is here!

In the realm of automation, today we are releasing the ability to provision on ephemeral SSD drives for all EC2 types.

Within the MMS UI, users can now search by replica set name, which is particularly helpful if you have hundreds of replica sets.

A new monitoring agent ( and a new backup agent ( were released - agents will now identify themselves to the MMS servers using the FQDN of the servers on which they are running.

The outlook for 2015 is “busy” — we’re just starting to roll out 2.8 across all of MMS Systems here internally, and we are sure customers are going to love all the new functionality.

On day one...

Frohe Festtage Von Weinhem! (Or A Music-driven Holiday Light Display for MongoDB Hackers)

Want to tweet out a personalized holiday video to your friends?  Heckenlights is a Christmas lights installation playing Christmas songs that lets viewers customize and share it. Heckenlights was created by software developer Mark Paluch (@mp911de) who thought it was time to introduce some American-style holiday bling to his hometown of Weinheim, Germany. A year ago, […]

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Compose in 2014 – Winter to Summer

At the start of 2014, Compose was called MongoHQ, a well-known and much relied on purveyor of fine cloud-based instances of MongoDB. Years of experience had honed our skills and we were ready to take the next step. For the first half of the year though we would be laying down the foundations, making our…

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time: PyMongo's "copy_database"


The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I'm writing eulogies for four regrettable decisions we made when we designed PyMongo, the standard Python driver for MongoDB. Each of them made maintaining PyMongo painful, and confused our users. This winter, as I undo these regrettable designs in preparation for PyMongo 3.0, I carve for each a sad epitaph.

Today we reach the third regrettable decision: "copy_database".

The Beginning

In the beginning, MongoDB had a "copydb" command. Well, not the beginning, but it was an early feature: MongoDB was less than a year old when D...

Parallelizing document retrieval

Parallelizing document retrieval

This is an article I wrote a while ago, but apparently hadn't posted.

MongoDB 2.6 has a new feature that allows you to read all the documents from one collection with multiple cursors in parallel. This is done through a database command called parallelCollectionScan. The idea behind it is that it is faster then reading all the documents in a collection sequentially.

Just like the Aggregation Cursor, calling this command returns cursor information. However, it returns an array of these structures. Let run this example to see what it ret...