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The three A’s of MongoDB security – Authentication, Authorization & Auditing

MongoDB, Inc has made impressive strides over the past 18 months. One of the areas of the product that has seen the most significant improvement has been the area of Security. Security is of paramout importance for a production database. Existing relational databases provides a  number of knobs and controls to help the DB administrator [...]

Drupal 8 progress from my / MongoDB perspective: update #27

There hasn't been an update for some time now; things have quieted down a bit, I am mostly just writing drivers now (and coach people on migrate). MongoDB module caught up with the latest config changes and so the module works again. Migrate bugfixing moves along steadily with more and more people actually trying it and fixing bugs, hurray! Blocks now get placed more sensibly, there's steady progress on D6->D8 CCK Single On/Off Checkbox, Checkboxes/Radio buttons, and Select formatters, also node authors in more interesting cases are broken (In Drupal 6, the node.uid and the node_revision.uid can be different). The first step for migration groups is ready. This is the stepping stone for Drup...

Let Us Now Praise ResourceWarnings

Poisonous snake warning sign


Luckily, Pythons aren't poisonous.

A couple years ago when I began using Python 3, its new ResourceWarnings infuriated me and I ranted against them. Python core developer Nick Coghlan patiently corrected me, and I wrote a followup, "Mollified About ResourceWarnings".

And now, a ResourceWarning has saved my tuchus.

A few months ago I was fixing a bug in Motor, my asynchronous driver for MongoDB. Motor has a copy_database method which I'll summarize thus:

def copy_database(self, source, target):
    pool, socket = None, None
        pool = self.get_pool()
        socket = pool.get_socket()
        # ... several operations with the socket ...

Motor 0.3.2 Released


Today I released version 0.3.2 of Motor, the asynchronous MongoDB driver for Python and Tornado. This release is compatible with MongoDB 2.2, 2.4, and 2.6. It requires PyMongo 2.7.1.

This release fixes a socket leak in the "copy_database" method that has been present since Motor 0.2. Evidently Motor users don't call "copy_database" much. I've written about the bug and lessons learned in "Let Us Now Praise ResourceWarnings".

Get the latest version with pip install --upgrade motor. The documentation is on ReadTheDocs. If you encounter any issues, please file them in Jira.

MongoDB Management Service Release Notes: MongoDB Backup via API

MongoDB World is done, and after a quick holiday weekend, the MongoDB team was back at work wrapping up this release. There’s a lot to tell customers about, too - our release this week features:

  • An automated flow for resetting two-factor authentication
  • More Backup features in the Public API including pull (HTTP) restores and management of snapshots and snapshot schedules
  • Ability to add a comment when an alert is acknowledged and receive notification of the acknowledgement
  • Auditing of alert configuration changes, so any modifications to alerting criteria are shown in the Activity Feed

Our MongoDB Backup Service received some slight tweaking - we modified the initial sync settings somewhat ...