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Monger 2.1.0 is released


Monger is an idiomatic Clojure MongoDB driver for a more civilized age. It has batteries included, offers powerful expressive query DSL, strives to support every MongoDB 2.0+ feature and has sane defaults. It also has solid documentation.

2.1.0 is a compatibility release. Next feature release of Monger will be 3.0 and will use version 3.0 of the MongoDB Java driver.

Changes between 2.0.0 and 2.1.0

Clojure 1.7 Compatibility

Improved Clojure 1.7 (development milestone) releases.

MongoDB Java Driver Update

MongoDB Java driver dependency has been updated to 2.13.x.

$each Operator

The $each operator now can be used via monger.operators.

Contributed by Juha Jokimäki.

Change Log


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