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Feature Highlight: maxTimeMS in MongoDB 2.6

It’s probably happened to you before — you have an idea in your head and you want to run an operation against your database to show you the data that will answer your question or find the result you want to act on. You conjure the query. You type out the query. You submit the…

April 24 Webinar – MongoDB Clusters: Tips, Tricks, Manage and Automate

As you scale, one of the challenges is optimizing your clusters and mitigating operational risk. Proper preparation can result in significant savings and reduced downtime. Register Now!… SPEAKER: Jon Tobin, Tokutek and Vinay Joosery, Severalnines DATE: Thursday, April 24th TIME:

Improvements to the MMS Backup Agent. It's Time to Upgrade!

We’ve made several major improvements and bug fixes to the MMS Backup Agent, including:

  • More granular restore points for sharded clusters
  • Support for the latest version of MongoDB, version 2.6
  • Improved packaging with service scripts to make deployment easier
  • SSL connectivity improvements, resulting in fewer connection resets and hangs
  • Fixed a file descriptor resource leak

We encourage all backup users to upgrade to the latest agent version for a better overall experience with the service.

To access these improvements, please download the agent from MMS by going to Settings > Backup Agent.

Don’t Let Your MongoDB Standalone Stand Alone: How to Back Up a MongoDB Single Server

Lots of people start with standalone servers when they first try MongoDB. If you are running standalone, it’s especially critical that you back it up because you don’t have the fault tolerance and redundancy of a multi-node replica set.

MongoDB Management Service (MMS) requires that you run a replica set in order to back up. What is not widely known is that you can run a one node replica set, thereby producing the oplog that MMS Backup requires to work, while still running only a single mongod server.

Here is how you do it.

  • Shut down the standalone mongod instance. The safe way do this is by calling db.shutdownServer() from the mongo shell.
  • Restart the instance. Use the —replSet op...

MMS Release Notes: Updates to the Hosts Page, MongoDB Automation, Agent Updates

In case you missed the big news, last week was huge for MongoDB and the MMS team. We released MongoDB 2.6, and along with that, MMS On-Prem 1.4. Continuous, incremental MongoDB backup is available to all users in the cloud and now on-premise as part of MongoDB Standard and Enterprise Subscriptions. In addition, we announced automation (in testing with select users) for provisioning, upgrading and managing clusters

This iteration (v20140415) also focused on updates to the Hosts Monitoring page. Users can now set this page to auto refresh, as well as easily see their hidden and delayed secondaries. We added warning icons and tooltips for authentication and host unreachable errors as well, whic...