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The Woodshed: A Peek at the Awesome Apps MongoHQ Users are Building

At MongoHQ we know you’re coming up with new ways to use MongoDB, building exciting applications that we haven’t even thought of — and we live and breathe this stuff all day long! We’re talking SaaS and Mobile apps that improve the way we do things, provide better information to consumers, and, often, simply make…

maxTimeMS() and Query Optimizer Introspection in MongoDB 2.6

By Alex Komyagin, Technical Service Engineer in MongoDB’s New York Offices

In this series of posts we cover some of the enhancements in MongoDB 2.6 and how they will be valuable for users. You can find a more comprehensive list of changes in our 2.6 release notes. These are changes I believe you will find helpful, especially for our advanced users.

This post introduces two new features: maxTimeMS and query optimizer introspection. We will also look at a specific support case where these features would have been helpful.

maxTimeMS: SERVER-2212

The socket timeout option (e.g. MongoOptions.socketTimeout in the Java driver) specifies how long to wait for responses from the server. This...

Announcing New MongoDB Instances on Microsoft Azure

The following is a guest blog post by Brian Benz, Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. Since the previous release of production-ready MongoLab plans on Azure, we’ve seen demand increase significantly. The MongoLab and Microsoft teams have been working together to develop a solution for your growing requirements and are excited to announce […]

Elastic Deployments Now Available In Europe

We’re excited to announce today that our Elastic Deployments are now available in Europe. These represent the best in hosted MongoDB — SSD-backed replica sets that auto-scale as your data grows, for a flat price of $18/GB/month. Putting a datacenter in Europe now enables our Western European users to realize optimal performance of their MongoDB…

MongoDB Backup for Sharded Clusters

A MongoDB backup strategy is necessary to protect your mission critical data. Backing up a distributed database system, such as a MongoDB sharded cluster, presents an additional level of complexity because each shard runs somewhat independently.

Backing up any system requires a high level of attention to detail. Backups may not be fascinating, but they have to be right. MongoDB Management Service (MMS) moves the complexity of backing up a sharded system from you to us, while still providing confidence that the backups are reliable. To understand the benefits of MMS, let’s go over the alternative of backing up sharded MongoDB cluster yourself.

You Can Do It Yourself - Sort Of

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